New Indian Movies

The Bollywood industry has been taking the world by storm, but the world really does not know much about it. Slowly, but surely, Indian films have been introduced to African, Asian, European, North American, Oceanic, and South American culture. As some people do know, the term Bollywood comes from a combination of “Bombay” and “Hollywood”.

The term itself is interesting and a bit of a contradiction because Hollywood is an actual city in the state of California in the United States, but Bollywood is not an actual city in India. And although Bollywood represents just a fraction of Indian cinema, it in fact produces the most Indian films, which also makes it one of the largest film production industries in the world. As a result, Bollywood has been responsible for the majority of new Indian movies as well as new Indian celebrity actors.

The Origins of Bollywood

Many historians credit the following pieces of Indian and American culture with influencing the Bollywood industry:

* The Indian epics: Mahabharata and Ramayana

These epics introduced the side story, back story, and story within a story that is utilized in so many new Indian movies.

* Ancient Sanskrit drama

These performances emphasized the ability to tell a story through music, dance, mime, and gesture, which is very prevalent in new Indian movies.

* Indian Folk Theatre

This form of live theatre originated in the 10th century following the Sanskrit age, but still incorporated many elements of Sanskrit drama.

* Parsi Theatre

This form of theatre combined narrative, fantasy, and melodrama with music and dance to deliver realistic messages much like new Indian movies.

* Hollywood musicals

In early to mid-20th century American musicals, actors used song and dance as mere entertainment or to conceal emotion, but old and new Indian movies use song and dance to tell a story and reveal emotion.


Introduced Western music and dance to the East, especially India. The styles of music, forms of dance, and even camera angles greatly influenced Indian cinema, including today’s new Indian movies.

Indian Celebrity Actors

With the regular release of new Indian movies, Bollywood can expect their population of celebrity actors to grow. Eventually, these actors will be very familiar to the world and even work in other film industries. Some good examples of such actors are Aishwarya Rai, Freida Pinto, Dev Patel, and Anil Kapoor who have already graced the big screen in the United States.

Therefore, as we watch new Indian movies, we may in fact be watching movie stars of the future.